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Monday Night For The Master

Monday Night for the Master (MNFTM) is a program made up of many different activities so that people of all ages with various interests and talents can participate.

The purpose of MNFTM is to encourage members of the church, follow up with visitors, and reach out to the community. We accomplish these through the following activities:

Make visits to shut-ins, visitors, and others
Write cards to people in the congregation and to visitors
Send newspaper clippings to people in the community
Make phone calls
World Bible School
Prayer Group
House to House / Heart to Heart mail-outs

At 6:00 on Monday nights, we meet in the Fellowship Room for a meal, so that families do not have to eat and clean up before coming. At around 6:25, we split up to the various activities. Child-care is provided for the young children, as well as activities for the older kids.

You only sign up for one night at a time, so there is no long-term commitment. Come as often as you can, and do not feel bad when you can not. When you do come, you can choose the same activity each time, or you can do something different each night you attend.

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